Is Investing in Antiques a Good Idea?

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Is Investing in Antiques a Good Idea?

For many people, antiques provide a way of looking back at history, reminiscing about memories of time spent with beloved family members, and passing cherished items on to the next generation. Others view antiques as an investment, regardless of their sentimental value, with the hope that one day they can sell those pieces for profit. So, how should you decide if antiques are good things to invest in?


Why Invest in Antiques?


Purchasing antiques can tie up your money for a while, but if you don’t mind sitting on your investments, you might be able to make a profit when you sell them. For some people, investing in antiques allows them to enjoy beautiful items in their homes for years before eventually passing them down to children or grandchildren, along with the sentiment and memories that have become associated with them. Others may be more focused on the financial benefits of collecting various antiques as they monitor trends and sell items when they can turn a profit. Investing in antiques can also provide an avenue for entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses as antique dealers.


What Are the Best Antiques to Invest In?


Sometimes the best antiques to invest in are those pieces that you love. If you are not crazy about an item, why would you want to hang onto it for the long term while you wait for its value to increase? If your motives are more focused on the financial benefits, some antiques that are a good idea to invest in include:
Asian antiques – Items include porcelain, jadeite, and bronze pieces, as well as antique art.
Military memorabilia – Items to invest in include firearms, swords, uniforms, and hats. Civil War, WWI, and WWII memorabilia, in particular, hold their value well.
Vintage and antique jewelry – Bakelite, Chanel, Edwardian-style, and Mexican sterling silver pieces can be great investment options.

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The Most Valuable Antiques to Look For


If your goal is to purchase antiques that are valuable and in-demand right now, you should look for pieces that can be combined with the modern and even industrial elements that are popular in home design and decor today. These might include rustic wood pieces, enamelware, vintage glass jars, antique silver pieces, farmhouse-style items, and other pieces that can bring some texture and warmth to a room.

To determine which antiques are the most valuable, you should do your research before purchasing anything. Attending auctions is a great way to learn about the history of various pieces, market prices, and manufacturers. Focusing on pieces created by designers who were well-known for their work during a particular time period is one way to ensure you are buying quality pieces. Rare pieces can also be quite valuable. One stunning example of this is a 900-year-old Chinese porcelain bowl from the Song Dynasty that sold for $38 million to an anonymous buyer at a Sotheby’s auction in 2017.


Collectibles that will Increase in Value


The collectibles market can be tricky at times. For example, collectibles once considered valuable, such as Hummel figurines and Beanie Babies, are not in high demand now and for the most part, haven’t increased in value in a long time. Collectibles that tend to increase in value include:

  • Civil War and WWII items
  • Sports and pop culture memorabilia
  • Mid-century modern furniture
  • Vintage signage
  • Vintage jewelry, including Bakelite, Chanel, and Edwardian-style pieces

There are so many options for investing in antiques, and it might seem overwhelming, but with some effort and careful research, you should be able to find antiques that suit your purposes. Whether you are a casual collector or serious investor, there are beautiful, rare, and valuable pieces out there just waiting for you to come along and give them a home.

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